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Hackathon email bouncing - can't reply to Lumiata

Hi Lumiata!

We are absolutely thrilled to be named the winner and can't wait to push this work forward with your generous support. We have one glitch in the matrix right now - the
covid19hackathon@lumiata.com email is bouncing and so we can't reply to your mail or 'email the hackthon manager'


Bounce message as follows:

We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (covid19hackathon) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren't able to post:

* You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.
* The owner of the group may have removed this group.
* You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.
* This group may not be open to posting.


  • Manager   •   over 1 year ago

    Why don't you reach out to Miguel directly at miguel@lumiata.com. That should make things move smoothly. Thanks and congratulations.

  •   •   over 1 year ago

    Super thanks Jessica! Just sent an email

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