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almost 2 years ago

Get ready for Kick Off!!

Dear Hackers,

We’re incredibly excited to have you onboard and even more excited about tomorrow’s kick-off webinar (Zoom Meeting ID: 91593942960) starting at 2p ET/5p PT. We’ll share more details about the event, you’ll hear from some of our judges and learn about the cool tech and support our partners are offering you for free as part of the event. 

Some of you have already had great conversations with our partners in their respective Slack channel.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP is providing credits and Slack technical support to the Google hosted data sets and the platform as a whole. 

Slack: #google-cloud

These guys have taken a good portion of the COVID-19 datasets and made them available on their platform which makes it easier to manipulate. 

Slack: #ascend


They are providing their datastore as a service, which allows you to store and manipulate large volumes of nested data sets.

Slack: #rockset


Sigma provides a spreadsheet-like view you can snap on top of a BigQuery or Snowflake environment to quickly manipulate large volumes of data with spreadsheet formulas, vs writing SQL.

Slack: #sigma


They're bringing you the Starschema dataset, available through their product. They will providing support in Slack as well

Slack: #snowflake

Here are the links to join Slack:

Please use this link for the kick-off tomorrow:

Thank you for participating, we can’t wait to see what you hack!

The Lumiata Team